Medical Applications: The Plasticizer Migration Study

Rigorous lab testing compares the effects across 10 common PVC medical-grade plasticizers when each is in contact with one of the four plastic materials most likely to occur within a medical application (ABS, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene and Acrylic). 

Plasticizer Migration Study

Performed at varying temperatures (23C & 50C) and intervals (26 days, 78 days, 104 days), this study draws conclusions for contact based upon the effect that each plasticized compound had on:

  • The surface of each plastic material

  • The tensile/elongation change of the plastic material

Plasticizers included: DEHP, DINP, DPHP, DOTP, DINCH, DOA, ATBC, TOTM, BENZOFLEX9-88, ADMEX 33F (polymeric).


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